The Successful Mind Podcast – Inside Episode 316 – Generational Victimhood

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Inside the Episode, Successful Mind Podcast

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Today, David & BT go inside Episode 316 – Generational Victimhood.   David talks more about where beliefs come from, the absolute way those beliefs became your own at such a young age, and how these limiting beliefs are holding you back from experiencing genuine freedom.

This is made clear when David shares the infamous “pot roast” story and the twisted way things are passed down from one generation to the next without even considering the why.  We’ve seen it over and over again. When a person has a bad experience that becomes the rule.  They fail to see that the bad experience was intended as a growth moment, nothing more, and avoiding anything resembling all-or-nothing thinking could have saved years and years of suffering.  Let’s be honest, being a victim is a choice and oftentimes an avoidance tactic to keep you from looking at the deep dark corners inside. 


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