The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 397 – Accelerate Your Income Series: The Power of Will – Part I

by | Aug 23, 2021 | Content Episode, Successful Mind Podcast

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Want to avoid low-income months this summer? Listen to this 8-part series, so you can “Accelerate Your Income” as we head into Q4. To get the best results, please listen to and study all 8 episodes. This is part 5 of 8. 


If you want to accelerate your income, you need to get really good at focusing.

Your “will” is your ability to focus. The alchemists of the old days referred to the human will as “the philosopher’s stone.” It’s the magic that turns lead into gold.

With your will, you can take any circumstance or situation that’s not working the way you want it to—and change it very rapidly. You can use your will to create anything you desire. 

In today’s episode you’ll learn:


    • Spirit wants you to have what you want
    • You have a divine right to be rich, and there is no more effective way to serve humanity than by getting rich yourself
    • Whatever you focus on grows
    • “Will” equals focus—your will is a mental muscle; it’s your ability to hold a single thought or idea in your consciousness and not waiver from it
    • You must use your will to keep out any thoughts or ideas that might take you off course or distract you
    • No coercion or manipulation is required to get what you want
    • Willpower can be to resist temptations (especially the problematic ones that distract you from your desired result)
    • When you combine your will with something you love, your action becomes virtually effortless


No matter what you desire, your will is the way—it will point you in the correct direction. Use your will to hold the thought of your desire, and don’t allow a contrary thought to come into your mind. Stay completely focused on what you want.

Apply your will to keep yourself singularly focused on the thoughts and the actions that will lead you to your goal. Don’t waiver until you’ve reached the end result.


Check back tomorrow for part 6 of this 8-part series


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