Episode 032: You Can’t Make Sense Out Of Crazy

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Content Episode, Successful Mind Podcast

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How do you deal with someone who is dysfunctional? Well, the truth is you can’t make sense out of crazy. Which means – there is no logical component to a dysfunctional mind.

So how does a person get this way?
How do you come to a solution to set yourself free from the aggravation of dealing with a dysfunctional person?

The key is to understand yourself, first. If you’re coming from wanting craziness in your life to stop, to have a sense of normalcy, peace, and to just move on, then this is a healthy way of thinking.

A dysfunctional mind doesn’t think this way. They want to stay in the drama – they actually want to create more drama. Their thinking is flawed and our thinking is also flawed when we think things will get better if we can fix them; if we could just get them to understand where we’re coming from.

Basically, we are Hope Addicts, hoping that things will change and get better. That they’ll understand and change their ways. This is unlikely to happen because the dysfunctional person doesn’t want to change.

If you are hoping to change a dysfunctional person, you are likely to spin your wheels and become stuck yourself.

So if you’ve found yourself asking – Why can’t they see this? My response is – you can’t make sense out of crazy.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What the dysfunctional mind looks like and where that modality of thinking comes from
  • Why you cannot hope to change someone with a dysfunctional mind
  • The Law of Cause & Effect a how it relates to your life
  • That you simply can’t make sense out of crazy

Links and Resources-

Codependent No More by Melanie Beattie – http://a.co/d/2Y2qxAP

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